April SeriesEdit

  • [2]First Road trip starting off with the Rockies by losing 2/3 (the first two games) on April 13, April 14(10 innings. Jenrry Mejia gave up a homerun for the rockies for the loss).

April GamesEdit

  • Mets 7-6 loss on April 7 to the Marlins and 3-1 loss to the Marlins on April 8.
  • Mets 4 Game losing streak from April 10-April 14.
  • Mets 4-3 loss to the Cardinals on April 16(Raul Valdes gave a big homerun to Albert Pujols)
  • Mets 5-3 loss to the Cardinals on April 18.

May SeriesEdit

  • [6]Mets taken 2/3 by the Milwaukee Brewers(In the first 2 games of the series) from May 28-May 29.

May GamesEdit

  • Mets 2-3 loss to the Atlanta Braves(Taken 1-1 part of the 2 game series) on May 18.

June SeriesEdit

June GamesEdit

July SeriesEdit

July GamesEdit

  • The Games with the Nationals on July 1 & July 3

August Series Edit

[9]Mets taken 2/3 from the Atlanta Braves on August 2 and August 4.

August Games Edit

For more see the Game Log.

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