April SeriesEdit

The Mets best Series in April were

  • [1]4 Games with the Chicago Cubs by taking 3/4 from April 19-April 22
  • [1]3 Game sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers after a rain delay which postponed the game on April 26. The Mets won 2 games a double-header and then won the last game. Starting from April 26(Postponed by Rain), April 27(Two Game Double-Header Sweep) to April 28(Last Game win).

April GamesEdit

May SeriesEdit

May GamesEdit

  • Mets 10-4 win over the Milwaukee Brewers for the final game after being taken 2/3 in the first two games on May 30, 2010.

June SeriesEdit

June GamesEdit

July SeriesEdit

July GamesEdit

August Series Edit

August Games Edit

For more see the Game Log.

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