The Subway Series World Series was played between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees in 2000. Check our related article 2000 World Series.

Game 1Edit

The Yankees would win the game to a score of 4-3 in 12 innings.

Mets 0-1

Yankees 1-0

Game 2Edit

The Yankees win 6-5 over the Mets.

Mets 0-2

Yankees 2-0

Game 3Edit

The Mets win their first and their only game of the Series to a score of 4-2. Played at Shea Stadium.

Mets 1-2

Yankees 2-1

Game 4Edit

The Yankees win this one to a score of 3-2 at Shea Stadium.

Mets 1-3

Yankees 3-1

Game 5Edit

The Mets are gone for this one as the lose this one to the Yankees at Shea Stadium to a score of 4-2.

Mets 1-4

Yankees 4-1

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