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Sometimes You See It Coming is a novel by Kevin Baker. The novel follows several fictitious members of the modern-day New York Mets, particularly right fielder John Barr. The book portrays the Mets as a perennial pennant contender, and follows the team through one particular season, with flashbacks.



  • C Spock Feeley
  • 1B No-Hit Hitt
  • 2B Roberto Rodriguez (aka Bobby Roddy)
  • SS Lonnie Lee
  • 3B Terry White/Stillwater Norman
  • LF Maximillian Duke (aka The Emp'ror)
  • CF Rapid Ricky Falls (aka The Old Swizzlehead)
  • RF John Barr


  • Moses Yellowhorse


  • MGR Charlie Stanzi (aka The Little Maniac)
  • Coach Plate

Press Corps

  • Barry Busby
  • Ellie Jay


  • Evan Barr (John's father)
  • Wanda Falls (Ricky's wife)

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