On April 21,2012 the Mets continued their 4 game series with the San Francisco Giants after a rally failed the previous game before. In the 9th inning both Ruben Tejada and Kirk Nieuwenhuis couldn't make the catch to a fly ball so it dropped as the Giants tied the game 4-4. But the Mets rallied in the bottom of the inning to win the game 5-4.


  • Mike Pelfrey started for the Mets and was strong. He just gave up one run on 6 hits,3 strikeouts. His ERA lowered to become 2.29 for the year.
  • The Mets bullpen had it's woes like any other time. Frank Francisco was the pitcher where Tejada and Nieuwenhuis didn't catch the fly ball and it lead the Giants to tie the game at 4 a piece.
  • Daniel Murphy went 3 for 4 and his average became .321 for the year.
  • Ike Davis drove in a run with a infield hit that went slow in the 8th inning.
  • Lucas Duda himself scored 2 runs even though he didn't get a hit in the game.
  • After 10 games on a hitting streak David Wright went 0 for 4 to end that streak.
  • The Mets 3 to 6 hitters in the lineup went 3 for 14 and the rest of the team went 3 for 13 with runners in scoring position.
  • With the bases loaded and a out in the 9th, Nieuwenhuis hit a ground ball to Brandon Belt at first who threw home to get the force out to make it tow, but Giants catcher Buster Posey threw the ball into right field to get Nieuwenhuis out for the double play but it allowed Tejada to score the winning run.
  • The Giants committed 3 errors in the game which all came in the ninth.

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