On September 8 the mets used Chris Schwinden on the mound against the rival Atlanta Braves. But for the young rookie who made his first start of his career felt nervous after the game. He did pitch well but the Mets lost to a score of 5-6. Here are the notes for the game and the start

  • Schwinden threw 5 innings allowing 8 hits 5 runs as he walked 1 and struck out 4 batters. He even gave up a homerun.
  • Daniel Herrera threw just 2 innings as he gave up 1 hit and no runs as he struck out 2 batters.
  • Ryota Igarashi,Tim Byrdak and Bobby Parnell 0.2 innings as Ryota allowed just 1 hit,1 run and 2 walks. Byrdak just had 1 strikeout going perfect for his outing. Lastly Parnell gave up 1 hit and had 1 strikeout.

The Mets are now 70-72 and the Braves are now 83-60. This was the first game of the double header and they lost both as for the second game with Dillon Gee starting for the night cap but they lost again to a score of 1-5.

So with that lost for the night cap the Mets are now 70-73 and the Braves are 84-60.

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