Rules of Engagement title card

Rules of Engagement is a sitcom that ran on CBS from February 5, 2007 to May 20, 2013, originally airing as a midseason replacement. The series was produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions in association with CBS Television Studios and Sony Pictures Television (SPT controls North American rights; CBS controls international rights).

The main character Jeff Bingham played by Patrick Warburton is a Mets fan and his friend Adam Rhodes played by Oliver Hudson is also a Mets fan. The Mets have been mentioned in the show several times. In the pilot Adam has a Mets collection which he wants to hang up in his apartment. Jeff reacts by saying "Cool Mets Stuff". That clip can be seen here.

In Guy Code the 4th episode of Season 2 Audrey mentions about a guy that Jeff will meet and says "You’re gonna like Ray. He works in finance like you. He’s a Mets fan and a Jets fan".

In Les-bro the 8th episode of Season 5 when both Audrey and Jeff look for a surrogate one of them that they meet is a Yankees fan and she and Jeff argue over the Mets and Yankees in a debate. That clip can be seen here.

In Cupcake the 4th episode of Season 7 when Jeff is the hospital he and his doctor talk about a recent Mets game that they lost and complains over the performance of the team.

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