June 8 Padres 2–1 (11) Dessens (1–1) Mujica (2–1) 30,086 31–27 Box
June 9 Padres Game Postponed
59 June 10 Padres 2–4 Latos (6–4) Santana (4–3) Bell (17) 32,365 31–28 Box
60 June 10 Padres 3–0 Niese (3–2) Garland (6–4) 28,072 32–28


The Mets played a day-night double header on June 10. The Mets still took the series by winning the first game on June 8, and the last game (night game) of the double header. As they took the Series by winning 2/3. In the second game Mets pitcher Jon Niese threw a one hitter against the San Diego Padres. See the one-hitter here.

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