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The Mets first Opening Day was in 1962 at the Polo Grounds. The first two was in the Polo Grounds from 1962-1963. Then they moved to Shea Stadium where the played their opening day's from there since 1964-2008. Now they play their Opening Day games at Citi Field since 2010 which became the first on April 5. Mets ACE Johan Santana has made his opening day starts as a Met from 2008, 2009, 2010. He made his first OD start as a Met on April 5 at Citi Field.

For the rosters see Mets Opening Day Rosters by the year.


Season Each year is linked to an article about that particular Mets season.
W Win
L Loss
ND (W) No decision by starting pitcher; Mets won game
ND (L) No decision by starting pitcher; Mets lost game
Location Stadium in italics for home game
Pitcher (#) Number of appearances as Opening Day starter with the Mets
* Advanced to the post-season
** NL Champions
World Series Champions

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