The Mets head to Washington to face the Washington Nationals in a 3 game series from April 26-28. The Mets came to the series with a 4 game winning streak after the lost to the Houston Astros in the first 2 games and clinched the final game to a score of 9-1. The swept the Arizona Diamondbacks in all 3 games from April 22-24. Game 1 4-1. Game 2 6-4. Game 3 8-4.

The Mets head to face the Nats and they expanded the 4 game winning streak to a 6 game winning streak. Game 1 the mets win to a score of 6-4. In Game 2 the mets win to a score of 6-3. In Game 2 Pedro Beato got his first major league win on April 27,2011. In Game 3 the 6 game winning streak came to an end as the Nats beat the Mets to a score of 3-4.

The Mets will continue their road trip to face the Philadelphia Phillies in a 3 game series from April 29-May 1.

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