The Mets after a great final Subway Series at home the mets went on the road to go to face the Los Angeles Dodgers for a 4 game series. The road trip and series began on July 4-July 7. In each game in late innings the mets took the lead by getting singles and doubles to score runs on 2 outs repetitively. Here is the series recap.

Game 1 (1-0)Edit

The Mets beat the Dodgers to a score of 5-2.

Game 2 (2-0)Edit

The Mets beat the Dodgers to a score of 6-0. In the game both Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran hit homeruns as they combined for 3 homers and 6 runs batted in to give the mets the way for the lead.

Game 3 (3-0)Edit

The Mets continued their hot streak for the 3rd game as they are now on a 4 game winning from taking the final game of the Subway Series. They won to a score of 5-3.

Game 4 (3-1)Edit

The 4 game winning streak ended as the Dodgers did the opposite of what they took in the second game of the series. The Dodgers won to a score of 6-0. The Mets record on the LA trip is now 3-1.

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