The Mets began the month on a historic night on June 1 as Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in the team's history against the St. Louis Cardinals. Before the game started it was supposed to be about Carlos Beltran's return to New York but that was buried with the no-hitter. The Mets won the game to a score of 8-0. For Santana's performance see Johan Santana Gives Mets First No-Hitter.

The month also featured some crazy series and games as where the Swept by Yankees,Sweep Rays,Swept by Reds and Sweep Orioles.

The last big game of the month featured the first homerun cycle in history as the Mets beat the Cubs 17-1. For more on that see Mets Blast Cubs and Davis,Hairston,Murphy homer off Cubs.

The Mets record for the month of June was the same as May as they were 15-13. They head on to July for more fun ahead of them.

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