2009:Luis Castillo dropped a pop-up in a subway series game and the yankees won as Francisco Rodriguez was the pitcher for the Mets.

2009:Jon Switzer was called up by the Mets.

2010:David Wright batted DH in a game against the Baltimore Orioles and was replaced by Fernando Tatis who played at third base.

2010:Jose Reyes hit a leadoff homerun on a 2-2 count for his 3rd of the season off Baltimore Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz.

2010:Ike Davis got his first major league stolen base off Baltimore Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz. It was in the top of the first inning with 2 outs after getting a infield hit and then stole the base during Jason Bay's at-bat on a 3-1 count later taken for a strike making it a 3-2 count.

2011:Tim Byrdak was placed on the bereavement list since a family member was ill.

2011:Scott Hairston hit his first homerun as a Met right before Jose Reyes did one in a 7-0 win @ the Pittsburgh Pirates.

2012:James McCann bought a minority stake of the Mets.

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