John Howard Fisher(born March 4, 1939 in Frostburg, Maryland) was a Major League Baseball pitcher. The right-hander was signed by the Baltimore Orioles as an amateur free agent on June 24, 1957. He played for the Orioles (1959–1962), San Francisco Giants(1963), New York Mets (19641967), Chicago White Sox(1968), and Cincinnati Reds (1969). Nicknamed "Fat Jack", he stood 6'2" and weighed 215 lbs.

First Home Pitcher at Shea Edit

Home pitcher in the first game ever at Shea Stadium, throwing the stadium's first official pitch (a strike). Mets broadcaster Bob Murphy's call of that historic moment: “You can imagine there must be a lump in the throat of 25-year-old Jack Fisher, the Frostburg, Maryland native, as he looks in for the first sign ever taken in the 25-million-dollar ballpark named Shea Stadium. This is it; Jack Fisher is into his windup, and here's the first pitch ever - a strike, on the outside corner. The roar comes up as the first pitch ever thrown in this beautiful baseball palace is over. Perhaps the tension now is broken, and the game is underway.”

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