At Fenway Park the Mets faced the Boston Red Sox in 3 games. In the first game in the top of the ninth Omir Santos hit a 2-run homer which needed a video review and the Mets got the call for a homerun and the Mets took the 3-2 lead. Gary Sheffield was the runner on base for the homerun. The Mets would later win the game in the top of the 10th where J.J. Putz would come and close the game and for some reason not Francisco Rodriguez. But who cares at least the Mets won. The Mets took 2/3 from the Series from the Red Sox.

Series NotesEdit

Carlos Beltran hurt his knee in all three games.

The Mets 10 game trip became and even at 5-5 record.

Ryan Church left the middle game after having some problems.

J.J. Putz closed the game because Francisco Rodriguez had back pain and was taken to the hospital and came back the very next day.

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