On May 19,2010 the Mets picked R.A. Dickey from the Minors to replace Oliver Perez's spot in the rotation but the Mets lost to the Washington Nationals @ Washington in a 5-3 loss. Here is the lineup

Jose Reyes

Luis Castillo

Jason Bay

Ike Davis

Angel Pagan

Jeff Francoeur

Fernando Tatis

Henry Blanco

Dickey pitched 6.0 innings and the pitcher for the Nationals Livan Hernan pitched 6.1 innings. Here are the pitchers for the Mets

R.A. Dickey

Raul Valdes ( L 1-1)

Fernando Nieve

Oliver Perez -I bet Perez didn't like that Dickey was his replacement

Manny Acosta


  • Angel Pagan hit an inside the park solo homerun just like he did of Phillies pitcher Pedro Martinez and it was the first of the Nationals current ballpark. Then later in the game Pagan turned a triple play and the runners thought Pagan didn't make the catch and then the Mets turned the out on the Nats. Pagan made a close catch to the ground but had the glove down and caught the ball.
  • In the final inning Fernando Tatis hit a solo homerun to Center on the first pitch to keep the Mets alive in the game but that was not enough for the Mets to win it.
  • In the bottom of the first Dickey made a catch from a bunt by Nyger Morgan to make the out. Alex Cora was the pinch hitter for Dickey in the top of the 7th inning.
  • The Mets are still in last place in the NL East with a current record of 19-22.


  • To see Pagan's Triple Play and his inside the Park Homer run click below The Triple Play 1

SNY.TV The Triple Play 2

SNY TV 2 The Homer

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