On August 26,2011, against the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field the mets put Chris Capuano to the mound. The next 2 games for the series would be canceled because of Hurricane Irene the mets had to reschedule them as a double header on September 8.

This was a shutout for Chris as the mets who lead it 6-0 over the Braves for Cap and he going throw a shutout. The Mets won to a final score of 6-0. Capuano pitched a complete game shutout with just allowing 2 hits and he struck out a career high 13 batters. He did not allow a walk to one batter during the course of the game.

Well just wait till Monday where 5 count that 5 games with the Florida Marlins starting it off with a day/night doubleheader. For that see 5 Fishy Games.

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