215px-Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant is a 1992 crime-drama film directed by Abel Ferrara and starring Harvey Keitel as the eponymous "bad lieutenant". The screenplay was written by actress-model Zoë Lund.

One morning, the Lieutenant is passed out on the couch in his home as his two young daughters watch TV. His family comes to the table for breakfast, and he stirs. He immediately flips the TV to see the results of a (fictionalized) National League Championship Series between the Mets and the Dodgers. Realizing he has lost his bet, he stumbles out of the house. He tries to win back his money by doubling his wager on the next game in the series. The Mets have lost the first three games, and he is certain that the Dodgers will win again. His wager now stands at $30,000, more than he can afford to pay.

As the film progresses, his drug use and drinking becomes more prolific and his behavior spins out of control. He is drinking and driving while he listens to the final moments of the next game in the pennant series. When the Dodgers lose, he shoots out his car stereo. At another crime scene, he rifles through the car and finds some drugs which he stashes in his suit jacket. However, he is too impaired to secure the drugs, and they fall out onto the street. His colleagues look at him in horror, and he tries to play it off by instructing them to enter the drugs into evidence.

At the First Communion of one of his children, he doubles his wager again on the series, bringing his potential losses to $60,000. The friend who places his bets for him urges him not to deepen his predicament, but the Lieutenant is positive that the Mets cannot continue to win, as no team has ever come back from three straight losses to begin a series.

After the Mets win game 6 of the series, he tries to double his wager again. His friend refuses to make the wager, insisting that the bookie would kill him for nothing, and it would be suicidal to owe him $120,000. The Lieutenant is unwavering in his belief that the Mets cannot win the series, and he appears to heavily identify with Darryl Strawberry, whose at-bats are the only real action shown from the series. He calls the bookie to place the bet, and the bookie says he will think about taking it.

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